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WATCH: Ryan Reaves Scares Phil Kessel with Terrifying Clown Mask

“Are you *bleeping* nuts?”

NHL: Pittsburgh Penguins at Chicago Blackhawks Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

The Penguins are in Minnesota where they will be kicking off a long five game road trip against the Wild later this evening.

Today, as the team was checking into their hotel, Ryan Reaves snuck into Phil Kessel’s room dressed in a terrifying clown mask waiting to scare the Pens’ winger when he entered.

Based on the video Reaves posted to his twitter account his prank went off without a hitch.

Watch below.

In Phil’s defense clowns are awful and that mask is quite terrifying. Hopefully Phil packed extra underwear for the trip. I have a feeling those might be ruined.

At least they both had a good laugh about it.