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Pens Points: Starting the Week Feeling Good

Evgeni Malkin has unveiled his new emoji app, the Penguins are starting games in a much more positive fashion, and the Penguins might not be on this roll without Patric Hornqvist. All this and more in today’s Pens Points!

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NHL: Buffalo Sabres at Pittsburgh Penguins Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Here are your Pens Points for this Monday morning...

Do you ever run out of words to express something in a text message? Do you feel the standard emojis just don’t do enough to capture emotion? Then you need the Evgeni Malkin emoji app. [Trib Live]

More recently, the Penguins have been putting an end to their bad starts of games. [Post-Gazette]

Part of the reason why the Penguins have been on their winning ways is, in large part, due to the ‘noise’ that Patric Hornqvist brings with him. [Post-Gazette]

Has the Ryan Reaves trade achieved its intended purpose? [Post-Gazette]

News and notes from around the league...

The NHL is hoping that the salary cap could reach up to $80 million next year. [Sportsnet]

The next expansion franchise could cost anywhere from $600 million to $700 million. [Sportsnet]

Russia could be banned from the Winter Olympics, with a vote to come on Tuesday. What does it mean for the country as well as the Olympic Games? [USA Today]

Drew Doughty and Erik Karlsson won’t hit the open market until 2019, but after recent comments surrounding their worth, it’s time to talk about what they could make on new deals. [The Hockey News]