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Matt Murray is auctioning off one of his World Cup of Hockey sticks for charity

Specifically, he’s helping the humane society in Thunder Bay.

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As you may have heard, Matt Murray has a Newfie puppy, Beckham. So he’s clearly a dog lover; you definitely don’t get a breed as big as that if you can’t handle them.

Murray is also from Thunder Bay, whose humane society needs some help after rescuing a lot of dogs as of late. So he’s doing his part to help out: auctioning off one of the sticks he played with when he was on Team North America for the World Cup of Hockey, with all proceeds going to their humane society.

FRIENDS!! Recently, our local humane society in Thunder Bay, Ont. has been extremely over crowded after rescuing 33 dogs in only one night from neighbouring regions to Thunder Bay. For those who aren’t from Northwestern Ontario, it gets very, very cold during the winter months making it life threatening for these dogs to be outside when they have no food or shelter. Some of these dogs were in emergency distress having been mal-nourished, wounded, and extremely emaciated. Between vet bills, limited space, and caring for these animals until they are healthy enough to be put up for adoption, our Humane Society is in need of some extra love at this time. We are auctioning off a GAME USED hockey stick that Matt played with while on Team North America during the World Cup of Hockey. It is a Vaughn stick that has been painted all black due to advertisement restrictions during the World Cup of Hockey. It has also been appraised by Fanatics Authentic Sports Memorabilia. We will be keeping this up for 10 days. Once closed, Matt will be in contact with you to personally thank you and arrange shipping details for the hockey stick (shipping is covered)! 100% of the money raised will go directly to the Thunder Bay & District Humane Society. It will be used to provide shelter, food, veterinary care and enrichment to animals admitted to the shelter. We will also post a link below if you would like to donate to the humane society. Any contribution is extremely helpful and would go a long way in helping these dogs out! To anyone who has already donated we can’t thank you enough for helping our local shelter care for these animals and get them to their forever homes. Please feel free to repost this ❤️❤️link in bio #TeamNorthAmerica #WorldCupofHockey #WCOH2016 #WCOH

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So basically the deal is: it’s probably going to cost a fair bit, but that’s all money going to help animals who desperately need it in Murray’s hometown, and you get one of his sticks.

If you can afford it, that sounds like a really good deal - and good on Murray for finding another way to help out the dogs in the Thunder Bay area.

You can find the auction ongoing here.