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Heinz Field is finally starting to get its rink for the Stadium Series

The Penguins’ outdoor game is just 12 days away!

It’s nice out, isn’t it?

In the midst of the warming weather and the upcoming trade deadline - carrying an extra bit of drama knowing the expansion draft is mere months away - nobody could be blamed for perhaps letting the upcoming Stadium Series game slip their mind.

We’re just under two weeks away from it happening, though. On Feb. 25, the Pittsburgh Penguins will host the Philadelphia Flyers at Heinz Field.

In order to do that, the home of the Steelers needs a rink. And so...

... the rink is underway! Kinda. The boards are yet to come, but we’re starting to get the ice out there. (It would be odd to play ice hockey on grass, after all.)

Hopefully the weather does decide to cooperate - and it’ll be a great game coming up soon.