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Kris Letang now has his own chocolate bar

He loves chocolate so much, he created his own. That’s goals.

Kris Letang is a professional athlete. As such, you know he’s taking care of his body; it’s part of his job description.

That said... who can resist chocolate?

Not Letang, apparently - to the extent that he helped create his very own chocolate bar.

Now that’s levels of chocolate love most of us will never be able to reach, but that’s also extremely awesome.

Via Jason Mackey of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Letang helped design the bars, which can be found at Giant Eagle and Get Go, and settled on something very different because he genuinely couldn’t decide which one he liked more.

Apparently Letang couldn’t decide whether he liked milk chocolate with crisped rice or pretzel better, so the end result was him picking both.

“It’s unique,” Letang said. “I designed this. It’s the one and only.”

He also has one that’s milk chocolate filled with peanut butter - fitting for someone who reportedly eats two peanut butter cups before games, too.

Now, the self-professed daily chocolate eater can make good use of his own product - and it’d probably be something cool everyone can eat to celebrate, say, Penguins wins, too. Or to commiserate after a loss. Or eat it just because - it’s the Letang way.