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Here’s to all those who helped Sidney Crosby along the way

110 players have helped Crosby get there, led by - of course - Evgeni Malkin.

Toronto Maple Leafs v Pittsburgh Penguins Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

Twelve seasons and 757 games later, Sidney Crosby has hit 1,000 points. (Well, 1,002 - of course he had to go out and show off after being held pointless for a bit there.)

Hockey is a team sport, though. With 633 of those points being assists, that’s 633 points he couldn’t have gotten without his teammates. Of the 369 goals he’s scored, only 14 were unassisted.

That’s 988 points that, one way or another, Crosby needed help to get.

He got that help from just about everybody.

Of the 110 players to help Crosby, 27 have only aided him on just one of his 1,002 points. (We see you, Jake Guentzel!) Sixty-nine have only aided him in the single digits. (We see you, Mario??)

Of course, it’s only fitting Evgeni Malkin is the one who stands out. Having helped him on 262 of his points (well, 263 with the overtime winner), he’s helped Crosby on 26% of his total career offense - a bit over a quarter of all those points.

When the runner-up in Chris Kunitz has nearly 100 fewer points with Crosby than with you, well, it’s a place well earned.

One final thought: it’s really great to see Pascal Dupuis crack the top five. Patric Hornqvist is the only one who really has anything resembling a reasonable shot to unseat him - and even then that would be a ways away, if it even happens at all.