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Pittsburgh Penguins unveil Stadium Series uniforms

Plus Marc-Andre Fleury and Matt Murray went all in on their new goalie gear.

Remember Vegas Gold?

Yeah... me neither.

The Pittsburgh Penguins have an outdoor game to host at Heinz Field on Feb. 25. An outdoor game calls for a different look, and they’ve finally unveiled theirs: something incredibly bold and incredibly, well, gold.

Via the NHL:

"I love the color," Rust said. "I think I like the bright yellow helmets the most. It's something different … something you don't see too often."

Well, that’s for sure - it’s pretty rare to see that much yellow in the NHL.

And they’ve really committed to the look, no details spared:

Of course they need a fair bit of black to offset it all, but it works well.

Meanwhile, Matt Murray and Marc-Andre Fleury are in on the customization, too, but it looks like they’re going in totally different directions, color-wise.

Murray’s going black:

While Fleury is embracing the gold:

They both have new masks, too! Murray’s looks pretty cool (although you know what they say about yellow snow):

While Fleury’s goes for past and present.

One thing’s for certain: no matter what, when the Penguins go outdoors, they’re going to be looking really, really great.