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Marc-Andre Fleury got all bundled up for the outdoor game

As the backup, he had to be sure to try and keep warm.

NHL: Stadium Series-Philadelphia Flyers at Pittsburgh Penguins Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Marc-Andre Fleury didn’t play in the Stadium Series game. Which is fine - because his role was to be the backup, which meant being ready to be called upon should the Pittsburgh Penguins have ever needed him.

It’s normal.

Well, mostly normal. It’s a little different for outdoor games. Case in point, when you’re inside, you don’t normally have to get bundled up quite this much...

Fleury had been sitting there for so long - he must have been at least a little chilly. (Flowers don’t do so well in the cold.) Being the backup goalie for an outdoor game has to be one of the least fun parts of being a goalie, ever.

And between all the goalie gear and ensuring he kept warm, he just looks like a box. Which is, if it’s any consolation, absolutely adorable.

Hopefully by now he’s perfectly warmed up and happy with the win! Next game will be better temperature-wise, promise.