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What They Said: Stadium Series Edition

Here’s what head coach Mike Sullivan and various players had to say after Saturday’s 4-2 victory over the Flyers.

NHL: Stadium Series-Philadelphia Flyers at Pittsburgh Penguins Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Following the Penguins 4-2 victory on Saturday night over the Flyers at Heinz Field, head coach Mike Sullivan and several players spoke to the media about the game and atmosphere that surrounded it.

Mike Sullivan

On the atmosphere at Heinz Field: “It brings everybody back to their childhood days when they were skating outside on the pond. Fortunately for us, the weather cooperated, and it was cold enough that I think the ice was the best as it could be for this type of an event. But Heinz Field is just such a great venue; it was awesome to be a part of it.”

On Matt Cullen playing his first outdoor game at 40: “...he leads the charge there as a 40-year-old guy, and he might be closer to the dads' ages than he is to the players' ages. We joked about that on our fathers' trip a couple of weeks ago...I think he really appreciates being part of this team and everything that this team has been able to accomplish over the last couple of years...You know, every opportunity like this, I think he cherishes those moments, and he's still just a terrific player, and tonight is a perfect example. I thought his line was terrific.”

On Jake Guentzel and Matt Murray: “I think he (Guentzel) has a quiet confidence about him. I don't think he gets overwhelmed by this type of an event. He has the ability to play with Crosby or Malkin or wherever you put him, he doesn't seem to get fazed, he just plays his game...We've played him with Sid, we've played him with Geno, we've moved him up and down the lineup, and regardless of where we play him, he just plays his game.”

“Matt is kind of a guy that just kind of goes about his business. He doesn't say a whole lot. He just does his job. He comes to the rink every day. He's a low-maintenance guy. He works extremely hard. He prepares the right way, and he tries to stop the puck for us, and regardless of how the game goes for him, some games are great, some games he'd like to be better.”

Sidney Crosby

One the conditions: “The conditions were really good, the ice was fast and overall it was a really good hockey game.”

On Matt Cullen: “A lot of the guys in here have played in three or four of these games but for Cully playing in his first to take advantage of that is pretty cool.”

On returning to Heinz Field and scoring: “I didn’t have great memories of the last time playing here so it was just special to play outside and score especially here with what happened before.”

On the atmosphere: “You’re a little far away (from the crowd) but you come out and look around and I’ve played in a few of these and you just try to soak it in.”

Evgeni Malkin

On the game: “It was a hard game against Flyers. They play a good game and we were maybe a little lucky you know. Murray give us a chance to win.”

On Guentzel: “You know I think he was best player tonight. He play with Sid and he plays simple game but he works. He was dominant all game. I like how he plays.”

On Crosby: “Sid played very well tonight too. He had a couple chances and scored a goal. He played very well.”

Jake Guentzel

On playing outdoors: “I played one in high school growing up, but I think just as a kid you get excited for one of these games, and to see the bright lights, it's pretty special.”

“Yeah, you don't really know what to expect coming in. When you first walk out it's pretty crazy. I remember getting the chills, and obviously to come out on top is nice.”

Matt Murray

On playing outdoors: “It was a ton of fun, first of all. Coming out there the first time, seeing all the fans it was pretty special...You know, when you see on the calendar at the start of the year and one that you really look forward to all season, especially it being my first outdoor game...and in front of the greatest fans in all of sports in Pittsburgh.”

On the weather: “It was a little bit cold at times, especially in the third. We were carrying the play and I wasn't really moving around a whole lot, so I got a little bit cold, but other than that, it was pretty good.”

On pregame nerves: “Once you get out there and once the puck drops, you kind of try and put everything aside, no matter whether they're carrying the play or whether we're carrying the play. You know, I think in such a crazy environment, there's a lot of nerves, but once that puck drops, everything just kind of fades away, and you just focus on what you need to do.”

Matt Cullen

On the conditions: “It was fast ice, the wind affected it a little bit, you could definitely feel the wind but it was awesome.”

On his excitement coming into the game: “I don’t know if I ever had more fun playing hockey. It was such a fun night. It was a good game up and down the ice. I was just blown away by the atmosphere and how many people stuck it out with the cold temperatures. It was one of those bucket list deals and I’m really happy I got to be apart of it...I can’t even begin to tell you how special this night was.”

Chad Ruhwedel

On the conditions: “They were awesome. The ice was really good, there was a little bit of snow coming down but not much.”

On scoring goal outdoors: “That was really cool.