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Breaking down some precise and pinpoint Penguins passing in their win against the Blues

Two of the Penguins four goals last night against the St. Louis Blues featured some beautiful passes. Let’s take a look at them.

NHL: Pittsburgh Penguins at St. Louis Blues Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

In a 4-1 win against the St. Louis Blues, the Penguins scored some really nice goals. We’re going to take a look at two of them, both featuring some beautiful and precise passes.

Sidney Crosby’s Backhand Goal

Ok, Sid, can you stop showing off? We know you can score better on your backhand than most players can on their forehand but do you need to do it from one knee too?

After the Penguins won a face-off in the offensive zone, Chris Kunitz found himself with some time and space to set up a pass to Crosby, who was working at getting himself away from Jori Lehtera.

The closer Kunitz gets towards the net, Crosby turns to his back and skates backwards to get free of being tied up.

As Kunitz is ready to pass, Crosby turns back towards the play, opening up to be ready for the puck.

Kunitz puts the puck perfect right on Crosby’s tape...because it’s Crosby. Most other players would struggle with getting off a shot from their backhand at this angle, but not Crosby.

Seriously — stop it. That’s just unfair to be able to get a shot off with that kind of precision and power....from your backhand....on one knee. 1-0 Penguins just like that. If you’re Jori Lehtera there, all you can do is shake your head. You did all you could by tying him up and making him turn his body away from the play but it still didn’t matter.

Sidney Crosby returns the favor with a nice pass to set up Justin Schultz

Another offensive zone setup for the Penguins with precise passing to bury a goal.

Justin Schultz starts this one out by doing my favorite play — “Give Sidney Crosby the puck and get out of the way”....except this time, he really sneaks around the ice and opens up and Crosby gets it back to him.

After Schultz gives it to Crosby, he heads up the ice to go behind the net. Crosby skates out towards the blue line, and Chris Kunitz drops deep to cover for Schultz.

As Schultz moves down low behind the goal, Crosby dishes the puck out to the blue line to Kunitz.

Kunitz immediately gets the puck back to Crosby, but that pass to Kunitz in the first place was vital to draw a defender out towards the blue line, keeping them honest, and giving Crosby more time and space.

Crosby moves towards the net and does a fake slap-shot. This freezes Jake Allen, as well as causing everyone to lose track of Justin Schultz behind the net, who’s making way to get into a shooting position.

While everyone is still frozen from the fake shot, Crosby recovers quickly and puts a pass right on Schultz’s tape, who has opened up perfectly at the exact time he needed to.

The drop to one knee. The great finish. That’s a goal scorer’s goal all day. Poor Jake Allen couldn’t do a damn thing about it. 3-0 Penguins.

Echoed in my sentiments from yesterday’s breakdown piece — WE ARE SO SPOILED. Watching Sidney Crosby score a goal like he did and then set up another goal for Schultz like’s just amazing to be watching this night in and night out.