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Buffalo Sabres @ Pittsburgh Penguins 3/5/2017

It's a hockey night, err evening in Pittsburgh! Dan Bylsma and the Sabres come to town

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Hockey time, the Penguins get one more home game today against the Buffalo Sabres. After tonight the team will be embarking on a 5 game road trip, with the first four games in Western Canada.

But, first things first, it's also the annual charity night for the Penguins, where you can get a bag of sweet memorabilia and help support the Pittsburgh Penguins Foundation and Mario Lemieux Foundation. Details for the charity event and how to order online can be found here.

The Sabres have been decent recently, they won a 6-3 game on Thursday night and then played last night, losing in a shootout to Tampa. They're 5 points out of the playoff race, with several teams to climb over, all of whom have less games played. Their postseason hopes are about finished, but not completely extinguished so you know they'll be playing hard to keep a glimmer of hope alive