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Sidney Crosby Listed on NHL Network's "Top 40 Draft Picks of All-Time"

The Penguins star was featured as part of an NHL Network piece on the best draft picks

2005 National Hockey League Draft Portraits Photo by Brian Bahr/Getty Images for NHL

Yesterday, NHL Network premiered Top 40 Draft Picks of All-Time, hosted by Kelly Nash, as part of theNHL Network Countdown series. The PenguinsSidney Crosby, along with Jaromir Jagr, Mario Lemieux and Mark Recchi were included.

Top 40 Draft Picks of All-Time does not follow traditional ranking systems, instead listing players by draft round, to mimic the subjective nature of the NHL Entry Draft. The countdown examines the successful careers of first overall picks as expected, and the impressive achievements of those selected later, marking the “steals” made and potential talent traded away. Top 40 Draft Picks of All-Time features six players from NHL Network’s Top 50 Players of Right Now and 26 players from the 100 Greatest NHL Players.