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Off day catch-up: Calvert to avoid suspension?

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Quick fire on issues of the day for the Pittsburgh Penguins and Columbus Blue Jackets. Will Matt Calvert avoid a suspension? Lumbus takes another L with crybaby mask

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Amazingly, it looks like the Blue Jackets Matt Calvert may avoid a suspension for his hits on Tom Kuhnhackl last night

That's what NHL Insider Pierre Lebrun says:

Calvert won't escape having to talk about it though:

It's an amazing mindset that the obvious issue that you have one player (losing a 4-1 game in the dying moments) attacks another with a cross-check from behind out of no where, and for no reason, and then follows up by slamming him afterwards. It shouldn't be an issue about whether sticks break easily, or matter that Kuhnhackl (who practiced today as normal) escaped an injury. The issue is not condoning that type of action, no matter the result.

We'll see if the NHL does the right thing here, but I for one am not expecting much from them. Oh well, onto the next one.


And what a doozy it is- did you see what the local Columbus newspaper wanted to pass out? They deleted the tweet, but silly Ohioans, the internet never forgets


News broke that they finally came to their senses and thought better of passing it out.

Too bad, as a Penguins fan nothing is better than when you try to mock Crosby in a juvenile way. Ask the Philly fans with their signs or that Capitals fan girl with her pacifiers. Your weak heat just fuels him and he wins anyways. And the damage is already done in the regard that he has already heard about anyways so Lumbus is going to get all of the repercussions and not even have any of the fun that comes along with it.

Somehow they manage to take yet another L and there's not even a game today.


Things are looking good:


Not sure if it's because they won the Cup, or a lot of movies are filmed in Pittsburgh, or just celebrities go to lots og games and we hear about it more now, but it's been a good season for cameos at PPG Paints Arena this year.

Who could forget Heisenberg and Michael Scott earlier?

Now you can add Hootie to the list too


Chris Kunitz skated on his own again this morning before practice. No sign of Carl Hagelin or Matt Murray on the ice this morning, so they aren't likely to be back anytime soon. The net will be Marc-Andre Fleury's for the foreseeable immediate future.