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Pens Points: Brooms Vs. The Cannon

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Marc-Andre Fleury is highlighted, the Blue Jackets received some bad news heading into Game 4, and one fan tattooed a certain Stanley Cup Champion to his lower thigh. More on these topics, plus much more in today's Pens Points!

Russell LaBounty-USA TODAY Sports

Here are your Pens Points for this Tuesday morning...

The Pens have a chance to end their first-round series tonight against Columbus, as they are looking for the four-game sweep. To get the latest news surrounding the Blue Jackets, check out everyone over at The Cannon. Puck drop is scheduled for 7:30!

Yesterday, it was announced that Blue Jackets D-man, Zach Werenski, would be ruled out for the remainder of the season due to the facial injury he suffered in Game 3. [Pensburgh]

This may not come as a surprise to many of you, but Marc-Andre Fleury is a tremendous teammate. [Penguins]

Pens fans have shown to be a dedicated bunch. One fan's new tattoo of Phil Kessel may have cemented that statement. [Puck Daddy]

News and notes from around the NHL...

There is already backlash over 'Dart Guy,' a Leafs fan who has amassed a cult-like following for his TML pride. [Puck Daddy] I'm not one to go on a rant, but why does everyone have to suck the fun out of something like this? It's PLAYOFF HOCKEY. This is the best time of the year. Things like this should be embraced. *Mini-rant over.

A lack of discipline could doom the Flames. [TSN]

Can Minnesota do the unthinkable and pull off the 3-0 comeback? It's not as far-fetched as you might think. [Hockey Wilderness]

Let's get this thing done tonight and get some rest in the process. Let's Go Pens.