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Hello, it me: Kaitlyn Dividock joins the PensBurgh staff

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Just in time for the post-season, I’m here to provide some good words for this good Penguins blog.

Winnipeg Jets v Pittsburgh Penguins Photo by Justin Berl/Getty Images

Coming off what seems like a hellish eight months of post-undergraduate life, I’m ready to toss myself back into the wonderful world of sports journalism. I know what you’re thinking: hey, who’s this new gal writing words about my beloved Pittsburgh Penguins? Funny you ask, friend. I’m a life-long Pittsburgh hockey stan, and I’m excited to contribute to the great coverage brought to you by the people of PensBurgh. That, and shamelessly throw a few personal facts at you. Let’s get to know each other, shall we?

I’ll start with the basics. I just recently graduated from Penn State. To my fellow Penn Staters: We Are! To everybody else: I’m so sorry. I did some majoring in English and Media Writing/Editing and some minoring in Sociology, and earned my degrees in roughly four and a half years. During my time in Happy Valley, I shaped my skills working at numerous radio stations and news outlets covering the Nittany Lions in just about every men’s and women’s varsity sport the university offers. The big ones were football, soccer, baseball, softball, wrestling, and lacrosse. My favorite, as you may have guessed, was hockey.

My most applicable work was done for a lovely blog named Onward State – if you’re a Penn State fan and/or an alumni, you may have heard of it. My eyes were opened and an attractive opportunity to cover the 5-year-old Penn State hockey program was offered to me. In a heartbeat, I locked down a position on the small team of writers who lived and breathed shooty puck and got to work. My office was the Pegula Ice Arena press box, and my go-to weekend plans were two-game homestands.

While covering cawlidge hawkey was a blast, having the fortune to report on my favorite NHL team is easily a massive step forward. With that being said, a couple of thank you’s go to Mike and Robbie for both kick-starting my spot here and bringing me on board. To our commenters: if you want to have a chat, disagree with me, or just really love #great content, I’m @kaitdivi on Twitter. We’re a week away from the post-season, and my body is ready.

I have an IC Light ready to be cracked. Let’s see what all the noise is about.