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NHL Playoffs: Charles Barkley thinks the Penguins will win the Stanley Cup

NBA analyst Charles Barkley made news recently praising the NHL playoffs. He also thinks the Pittsburgh Penguins are going to win the Stanley Cup this year.

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Well, this sure isn't turrrible! Charles Barkley thinks the Pittsburgh Penguins are going to win the Stanley Cup.

The outspoken NBA analyst made a lot of headlines and waves earlier this week when pointing out that many NBA playoff games have been blowouts and many of the series have lacked drama. Expected top teams the Cavaliers and Warriors are a combined 8-0 in their respective first two rounds, and everyone's predicted from the beginning of the season it would almost certainly come down to those two teams.

Here's what he said in the break in play for a basketball game! From our SBN:

"Speaking of a Zamboni, thank God for the NHL Playoffs. That’s what I would be watching in the back instead of some of these blowouts."

This is nothing new from Barkley, who once told Sportsnet that he watches every NHL playoff game because he loves the thrill.

Watching all the games and knowing a lot about the ins and outs of sports (heh), Barkley offered some analysis prior to Game 7 of the Penguins and Capitals series.

"I think the winner of the Game 7 tonight, between the [Capitals] and the Penguins, will raise the Stanley Cup. I really think that. No disrespect to the Western Conference teams, but the Penguins and the Capitals to me on paper are the two best teams. Whoever wins Game 7 tonight, I think they get to hoist the Stanley Cup."

So that's got to be good news, right? The Penguins even have Sir Charles in their corner.