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Marc-Andre Fleury literally erases Matt Niskanen (with cause)

Marc-Andre Fleury is honoring teammates of the past, but after Matt Niskanen concussed Sidney Crosby, there's no more room for Nisky on Fleury's helmet

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

As we pointed out in February and you've surely noticed, Marc-Andre Fleury has been using a special helmet ever since the Stadium Series game at Heinz Field (when the Pens beat the tar out of Philly). It honored several former teammates and was largely seen as what everyone will tell you is a great teammate giving a nod to some of his favorite friends as his tenure winded down.

But after Matt Murray got injured, Fleury's tenure isn't winding down just yet and that mask is getting more playoff game time than anyone could have imagined a few months ago. One such name Fleury had on the back of his mask was a nod to Matt Niskanen a former defenseman of his from 2011-14.

But after Niskanen concussed Fleury's best bud Sidney Crosby in Game 3, there was a minor alteration to the old mask for Game 4, up at the top left.

Yep the old de-friending. Asked about it after the game Fleury (who just stopped 36 of 38 shots in a #1 star effort to help the Penguins to beat the Capitals again) was all smiles and laughs, as captured by the always awesome Bill West of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review:

Yep, Niskanen, you done messed up now.