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Nick Bonino draws Oshie high stick, just like Oshie drew Bonino's last year

Nick Bonino hammed up a penalty on TJ Oshie.....But wait, Oshie did literally the same thing last year. Makes you think...

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Make no Bones about it (heh, get it), Nick Bonino embellished when he got hit on the arm by TJ Oshie and then grabbed his face.

This call practically sealed the deal for the Capitals in Game 4. Oshie, for his part, knew that he got reckless with his stick and it struck Bonino up high and didn't even object skating straight to the penalty box with no complaint.

Still, bad look for Bonino to up-sell this play. Ironically though, in the 2016 playoffs it was Bonino who hit Oshie in the chest and Oshie snapped his head back, drawn a phantom high-stick on Bonino. What goes around comes around, eh?

Also if we're pointing fingers at what the refs should and shouldn't have called - the biggest high-stick of the night was Andre Burakovsky drawing blood on Jake Guentzel's mouth, which went uncalled, so let's not flush that out of the old memory banks in the context of the refereeing in this game either, shall we?

In conclusion, the refs miss some, they see some. Players shouldn't embellish and make it worse. (Players also shouldn't really be so wild to let their sticks get out of control and contact guys up high, but hey insert kermit tea emoji here).

Also, it's #KeyboardTough to hurl insults at Bonino when he flinches with a stick hurling towards his skull. That said, he probably doesn't need to play it up and use his glove to check his face for damage that's not there (though again, easy to say after the fact).

Plus, there's this-

If Bonino got away with one, maybe that's just the payback for Oshie almost literally doing the same last year. Either way, with 2 days between games maybe this will be the newest controversy to take over the Caps/Pens series. Hopefully it will be the last controversy and game coming up on Saturday.