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WATCH: Mike Rupp speaking on Sidney Crosby and the Penguins Game 5 win

The former Penguin turned analyst had good things to say about the team’s big win on Thursday night.

Getty Images - Dave Sanford

Following the Penguins win on Thursday night, former Penguins player turned analyst Mike Rupp spoke about the win.

From the drop of the first puck, Sidney Crosby was on a mission, and that’s what leaders do. Maybe not to the level that he does it because he’s Sidney Crosby, but I think he paved the way for [Pittsburgh]. It was incredible”.

“The ability to get back to the finals two years in a row, this is the third time [the Penguins] done that. That’s incredible. You have a target on your back, there’s a reason why it’s so difficult to do that. And they just seem to be that organization that doesn’t seem to have as much trouble with it”.

Justin Schultz also discussed Crosby to NHL Network’s Michelle McMahon and said, “He’s everything. We wouldn’t be here without him, obviously. He’s our leader in the room and on the ice. He’s a gamer, he comes to play when the stage is the biggest. We love him.”