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WATCH: Marc-Andre Fleury hands the Stanley Cup to Matt Murray

The Pens two starting goalies share a moment on the ice as Marc-Andre Fleury passes the Stanley Cup on to Matt Murray for his time to lift the trophy!

Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

File this one under all the feels. Marc-Andre Fleury  gives the Stanley Cup to Matt Murray for his time to celebrate.

After the game Murray got emotional talking about Fleury and the journey they have had together.

This spring, with Murray injured to start the playoffs, Fleury was absolutely brilliant in lifting up the Penguins and leading them to defeat the Columbus Blue Jackets and Washington Capitals (2 of the top 4 teams in the league from the regular season).

Murray was inserted in Game 3 of the Eastern Conference Finals and his play (7-3, .937 save % , 1.70 GAA and 3 shutouts, including the last two games of the playoffs) helped boost the team to the title.

Hockey is truly a team sport and the Penguins illustrated that perfectly in the goaltender position this year. Though difficult to take a seat, Fleury remained an exceptional teammate, mentor, friend and confidante for Murray. Together their play made Pittsburgh's run to a back-to-back title possible.