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Pens Points: Let’s Have a Parade

Pittsburgh ready for a party as championship parade set for downtown on Wednesday. Pens kick off summer celebration with a party at Crosby’s house. Stanley Cup not the only prize the Pens will take home this season.

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NHL: Stanley Cup Final-Pittsburgh Penguins at Nashville Predators Pool Photo-USA TODAY Sports

Before all the chaos of the offseason begins, there is still one more matter of business the Penguins must take care of before going their separate ways to enjoy the summer as back-to-back Stanley Cup champions. The one matter of business? The celebratory parade through downtown Pittsburgh. [Pensburgh]

Shortly after the parade concludes, the Penguins will have their final day together as a team to wrap up some loose ends before heading their separate ways for some well deserved R&R. [Los Angeles Times]

After returning back to Pittsburgh on Monday afternoon with the Stanley Cup, the Pens and their families headed to Sidney Crosby ‘s house for a private party to celebrate their achievement. As per tradition, the party featured the Stanley Cup taking a dip in the pool. [CBC]

In order to defend their Stanley Cup this season, the Pens had to play just three games short of the maximum amount of games a team can play in a season to accomplish their goal. In total, the Penguins played 107 games this season. Throw in last year’s Cup run and that total reaches 213 games played in under two calendar years. [Pittsburgh Post-Gazette]

Hopefully you’re sitting down for this news because it might shock you. The Penguins are popular and people love watching them play hockey. They love them so much, Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Final was the highest rated Final game in four years. [Trib Live]

Mike Lange is a living legend in the city of Pittsburgh and a hockey icon. He’s been the voice of the Penguins for decades and is maybe the most well known non-player in franchise history. In his career he’s been on the mic for all five Stanley Cup championship calls. [Trib Live]

Not only will the Pens get to spend another summer with the Stanley Cup, for the second straight year they will be awarded a WWE Championship Belt from wrestling legend Triple H. [CBS Sports]

It’s always great to see the other pro sports teams in the city rally around the Pens every spring. Sometimes that support goes a little too far and it results in the Steelers kicker Chris Boswell being ejected from the arena. [Pittsburgh Post-Gazette]

News and notes from around the NHL...

An early whistle on Sunday night cost the Predators the opening goal of Game 6 early in the second period. Following a day of national discussion on the blown call the NHL released a statement explaining the decision. [The Tennessean]

Given the circumstances surrounding this offseason there are bound to be rumors flying all around over the next few days and weeks. Luckily for you, we here at SB Nation have put together a page where you can keep track of all the rumors are they come to surface. [SB Nation]