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Penguins Parade: Olli Maatta got INTO one on Wednesday

All of the Penguins had a lot of fun celebrating with the whole city of Pittsburgh at the parade on Wednesday but the boyish looking Finnish defenseman stole the show.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

The Penguins parade on Wednesday was a debacle in the best kind of day. The city estimated 650,000 came out in droves to get a glimpse of the back-to-back champs and enjoy the day. There were magical moments everywhere, like Ian Cole and this sweet kid.

And, of course no beer is safe from Brian Dumoulin in celebration mode

But the star of the show was precocious Olli Maatta. And think of the year he had: starting in early September to get up and going with Team Finland for the World Cup of Hockey after a short summer. Playing for the Penguins. Suffering a broken hand in February. He would return and play all 25 playoff games, some up, some down but still a 20 minute a night guy on a Stanley Cup team. Gaining the reputation as one of the hardest workers off the ice, constantly working out, sometimes maybe even to the point of over-working himself.

Plus over the years dealing with the multiple shoulder surgeries, mumps, thyroid cancer, this year's broken hand and all the rest of the bumps and bruises of NHL life. The young man's been wrapped up in a lot, so if anyone deserves to let loose it would be him.

And boy did he. Enjoy some glimpses of Olli's day and boy did Olli have a day.

Justin Schultz the partner in the truck was a partner in crime all afternoon.

The number of different brands of beer consumed throughout the day is enough to make my stomach hurt

Hard to tell if Pittsburgh loves Olli more or if Olli loves Pittsburgh more

Oh no, someone has now apparently tossed him a Natty. Unsurprisingly it's all downhill from here.

Here he is getting tossed a beer that he appears to misjudge. Olli's no Stone Cold Steve Austin when it comes to catching beers from afar, guess they don't have that in Finland.

Simply put, no one was having more fun or enjoying the day more than Maatta

Olli (a health freak and devoted dieter) had his first taste of Chic-fil-A the other day courtesy of Cole. So of course, why not discuss and ask passersby on the parade route about their favorite orders at such an institution?

This video was around 12:30, young Olli is a little unsettled on his feet.

As we all can pretty much attest you go this hard so early in the day and there's only one place you're bound to end up; in a state of undress with clothes littering your path and spread on a couch.

Sleep well sweet prince, after 9 months of non-stop work and focus you are a two-time Stanley Cup champion and stole the show at the parade today.

Oh and it looks like this is quite the post-Cup party for Maatta

Hey, most players never get to enjoy winning the Cup. If you're lucky enough to do it twice before your 23rd birthday, might as well get all the fun out of it possible.