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Pens Points: Going Their Separate Ways

There is a breakdown of what went down during yesterday's clean out, Rick Tocchet is not going anywhere, and GMJR is looking to protect his stars by potentially adding more muscle to the roster. More on these topics, as well as more stories in today's Pens Points!

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Here are your Pens Points for this Friday morning...

Pensburgh has a full breakdown of yesterday's locker room clean out day. [Pensburgh]

Here is Pensburgh's Expansion Draft preview. [Pensburgh]

Penguins assistant coach Rick Tocchet not leaving to join the Sabres bench. [Post-Gazette]

This is the story behind Nick Bonino's peg leg crutch. [Post-Gazette]

First the Pirates, now the Steelers are celebrating with the Stanley Cup. [Post-Gazette]

GMJR looking to add more muscle to the lineup next season? [Trib Live] Look, please, please, please don't add meathead just for the sake of having a "grinder" on the team to "protect stars." It didn't work when Mike Johnston was here when you wanted "grit" and it's not going to work now with Sullivan's scheme. *rant over*

Some Penguins still can't get over their parade experience. [Penguins]

"Those bright yellow pads were a beacon of hope." - Here is a great story by Twitter user @Rick_City on Marc-Andre Fleury and what he means to him. [Rick City - Tumblr]

News and notes from around the NHL...

Tampa Bay has traded Jonathan Drouin to Montreal. His work ethic/60 will skyrocket in Montreal's system. [Eyes On The Prize]

Phil Housley has been named the new head coach of the Buffalo Sabres. [Die By The Blade]