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Pittsburgh Penguins Adidas Jerseys are out

A look at what the Penguins will be wearing now that Reebok is out and Adidas is in for the NHL for 2017-18

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Everyone loves changes to hockey jerseys and the NHL will have new threads in 2017-18 and beyond as Adidas officially takes the branding for jerseys. Here's what the Pens will look like:

Looks sharp, but hey, so did the jerseys since they changed back to the black and yellow. Not much change was expected for the Pens, and true enough not much change indeed.

The Adidas/Reebok have been the same company anyways for a long time, this looks pretty much just a branding type of change.

Across the league a couple of the jerseys have changed, and the Vegas jersey is out too. Kinda dig the Vegas jersey, aside from that red stripe looks a lot like it could be Pittsburgh colors.

No teams in the NHL will have 3rd jerseys this year but a bunch will be coming back for 2018-19. Maybe some more blue coming back in the future?