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Pittsburgh Penguins: 2017 NHL Awards Roundup

Checking out on the voting for how the Pittsburgh Penguins did for the NHL Awards this year. Justin Schultz for best defenseman? Sidney Crosby for defensive forward? Check out how they did!

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

A look at how the Penguins players did in the voting of the NHL awards tonight out in Las Vegas:

Sidney Crosby came in 2nd in the vote for Ted Lindsay trophy for player's voted MVP to the winner, Connor McDavid. Crosby also came in a distant 2nd to McDavid in the Hart Trophy for league MVP, as widely expected given the gap in where they ended up in total points on the season.

Sid also finished 10th in the Selke award for best defensive forward, with 3 first place votes. Crosby was 7th last season, so this is a step down, but, meh so it goes. A player pretty much has to be a regular on the PK to get in the top-5 of this award and Crosby can only play limited minutes. Given his effectiveness and best-in-league production at ES and PP, it would be foolish to tire him (and subject to increased risk of injury blocking a shot) to play him too much short-handed, so this is one award Pens fans should be glad that he won't get a lot of momentum for winning.

Crosby ball-tapped a guy with his stick and literally slashed an opponent's finger off but still finished 16th in the Lady Byng for gentlemanly play with 2 first place votes and seven total votes because....The Aristocrats err NHL voting!

Matt Murray comes in a (distant) 4th in the Calder for rookie of the year, which is understandable given the years of the three guys in front of him, but Murray's also up 2 Cups to 0 on the field so he'll just have to live with that.

Justin Schultz got 2 fourth place votes and 2 fifth place votes to finish 10th in the Norris for best defensemen in the league! This is a throwaway, but still, the guy who media members cracked on for being the worst defenseman in the league has come a LONG way in about 15 months in the Pens organization.

Jim Rutherford finishes 6th in GM of the year (after winning it last year). Guess they just wanted someone else to get to win it this time around. Though it was very classy of GM of the Year Winner (and SCF loser) David Poile to congratulate the Pens as one of the first things he said.

Mike Sullivan finishes 8th (8th!!!!!!!) in Jack Adams for coach of the year. Which, granted, voting is done before playoffs but even then Sullivan guided a very banged-up Pens team to the 2nd best record in the entire league for cryin' outloud.

I think that's about it. Luckily the Pens will be leaving Vegas with the best award of 'em all though!