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Pens Points: Merci, Marc-Andre

Marc-Andre Fleury's fate has been decided, Sidney Crosby and Matt Murray have earned more postseason honors, and we now know when the Pens will be raising their championship banner. More on these topics, as well as more stories in today's Pens Points.

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Here are your Pens Points for this Thursday morning...

Matt Murray and Sidney Crosby have been named to the NHL Postseason All-Star Team. [Penguins]

The Pens will host the St. Louis Blues on October 4 for their Home Opener. [Penguins]

The Penguins, along with many other NHL teams are in a great position regarding young talent entering the league. [Post-Gazette]

Have you ever wanted to bid for the Penguins' Stanley Cup presentation carpet? Well, now you can! [Trib Live]

News and notes from around the NHL...

Last night was the night we had all been waiting (and dreading) for. The Vegas Golden Knights selected their roster through the expansion draft. Here is a full list of all players that were selected. [Knights On Ice]

Here's how Adidas and the NHL created the Vegas Golden Knights' look and logo. [Puck Daddy]

I saved this Pens Point specifically for last and I truly had a hard time typing this up. Last night, Vegas selected Marc-Andre Fleury as their primary goaltender for the franchise. [Pensburgh]

Prepare for a barrage of tweets, videos, and everything else. Here are some great, albeit extremely emotional highlights over Fleury's incredible career as a Penguin.

And here's Geno. All of the feels with this one.

sad day (((

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I don't normally cry over sports or athletes. Most athletes are self-centered, egotistical, or a combination of these types of traits. None of these words come close to describing Marc-Andre Fleury.

Last night, at precisely 10:15pm when his name was announced on the stage in T-Mobile Arena, I shed many a tear for one of the most genuine athletes I've ever seen. And that's no exaggeration. In the few brief times I've met Marc-Andre, he was incredibly down to earth and his trademark smile never left his face.

Fleury will now go on to start in goal for the Vegas Golden Knights. And I'll be cheering for him every step of the way. Once a Penguin, forever a Penguin.

Treat Fleury well, Vegas. There isn't another Flower in the world like him.