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Sidney Crosby on Dan Patrick: Subban talk and being an NHL goalie

Sidney Crosby joined Dan Patrick's show today for a nice chat, apparently questions about his run ins with P.K. Subban are still a thing and interesting thoughts about Sid suiting up as an NHL goalie..

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Sidney Crosby joined Dan Patrick this morning and the two had a nice little chat. Catch up with it here:

Or if you can't watch or listen now:

Penguins star Sidney Crosby called in to The Dan Patrick Show today to talk about all things hockey.  Crosby discusses the P.K. Subban incident, telling Dan that Subban had Crosby’s leg in a bad position behind the net, so Crosby tried to deter him with force.  Crosby told Dan it wasn’t as bad as it looked and laughed when Dan told him he thought it looked great from his perspective.

Crosby also talks to Dan about his aspirations of being a goalie ever since he was a kid.  Dan asks if the Penguins would ever let him play goalie, to which Crosby says he told the team if it ever came down to an emergency goalie situation, he’d love to be able to play a game as goalie in the NHL.  The hockey player says if he could face anybody as a goalie, he would want to face Datsyuk because he’s made so many goalies look bad and would love to prove that wrong.

A lot of that drama with P.K. Subban seems a million years old now, and how surreal is it that Subban invented some "bad breath" story, which the Showtime cameras most certainly caught wasn't the case in a graphic NSFW chit-chat. But that still ended up getting him an endorsement with a mouthwash company, only by the end of the series for Subban to be held out from speaking to reporters by the Predators altogether. Just a wild turn of events for Subban.

It only happened a few weeks ago but it seems surreal and tie that into the ridiculousness about grown men smuggling in dead catfish around their bodies into games. This all happened! Their team almost won the Stanley Cup!

Thankfully the whole "bad breath" and catfish sideshow of 2017 was been relegated into the trivial portions of hockey history by the Penguins with a win, and the sport is better off for it.

But, on a happier thought, I don't think Crosby as a goalie would fare that well against Pavel Datsyuk, bad answer by Sid there. Too bad Evgeni Malkin didn't get this interview or surely he would have used this question as a joke to make fun of a teammate who doesn't have a very hard shot.