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Calgary interested in Fleury? Warriors take out a Penguins record and more

A look at random items around the Penguins: are the Calgary Flames interested in Marc-Andre Fleury? The Golden State Warriors win last night knocks the Pens out of an obscure record and more

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Happy Thursday and game day everyone!


Last night the Golden State Warriors won and pushed their playoff record to 15-0 in this season's NBA playoff. In so doing, they broke a cross-sport record that the Pittsburgh Penguins had for most consecutive playoff wins. Via Wiki:

Most Consecutive Playoff Games Won: 14, by Pittsburgh Penguins (Streak started on May 9, 1992 with 3 straight wins against the New York Rangers, 4 wins against Boston, 4 against Chicago in the Final, then 3 straight against New Jersey the next year. The streak would end on April 25, 1993 with a 4–1 loss to New Jersey.)

After the 92-93 Pens team's 17 game winning streak was under assault by Columbus earlier in the season (CBJ won 16 straight), they fall here. At least they still retain the most consecutive playoff games for the NHL.


Unpleasant to talk on the day of a game, but we've got some time to kill in the latest whispers on the Fleury saga:

On paper, seems like a great marriage. Calgary made the playoffs this season and defensively they have some nice pieces (Dougie Hamilton, Mark Giordano, TJ Brodie) plus some skilled forwards that you would think a goalie would like to play for. Sure beats what Las Vegas will have next season.

With not too many teams searching to add a high-priced starting goalie, Calgary probably would be the best on-ice option for Marc-Andre Fleury next year. No way of knowing if off the ice playing in a Western Canadian market would be appealing to him, but about the only other teams who don't have a starting goalie for next season are CGY, Winnipeg and Vancouver, so there may not be much of an option.

Timeline wise, the NHL is putting a trade freeze on rosters on June 17th at 3PM ahead of the teams submitting their protected lists for the expansion. Game 7 of the Final (if necessary) is June 14. Tight turnaround there, but certainly feasible. Stay tuned...


Michael Keaton is the best and the One True Batman, that is all.


It's a pivotal Game 5, remember it's fun and a great opportunity! As always, Evgeni Malkin sums it up well