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Nashville Predators Marketing Manager hopes "#Smashville takes care of Crosby"

When keeping it real goes wrong: a Predators employee lashes out on twitter in hopes that Penguins center Sidney Crosby apparently gets hurt in Game 6 in Nashville

Don Wright-USA TODAY Sports

Thursday night was a tough one for the Nashville Predators. In Game 5 they got run out of the building as the Pittsburgh Penguins scored the first 6 goals of the pivotal game.

Tempers were high. Fuses short. Unfortunately the self-identified "Nashville Predators Marketing Manager & controller" Sandy Weaver on twitter lashed out against Pens captain Sidney Crosby with an apparent message of violence.

She has since locked her twitter profile in a damage control mode as of press time, but lesson #1,000,000 that the internet never forgets presents yet another chapter of "When keeping it real goes wrong!"



Bad look for an employee of the team.

Sidney Crosby put up 3 assists in the game, but presumably Ms. Weaver was more incensed by action behind the play where Crosby and nemesis P.K. Subban got tied up and Sid delivered several short gloved punches.

And why would Crosby have any reason to take a liberty on Subban?

Crosby's indignities also continued to a water bottle coming out of his hand (maybe accidentally? no over course not) and landing weakly behind Mattias Ekholm after Ekholm took a couple of whacks at Chris Kunitz following a clean but heavy check.

No word on if the Predators will appreciate or object to their marketing manager apparently wishing ill on a player, or if in the heat of the moment this will wash away easily. Ms. Weaver has since locked her profile to non-followers in an apparent attempt to mitigate the damage and attention.

Game 6 is Sunday night in Nashville. For the first time ever the Stanley Cup will be in the building. It might even be awarded!