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Pens Points: It’s Arbitration Day

Brian Dumoulin and the Penguins get their arbitration hearing today

2017 NHL Stanley Cup Final - Game One Photo by Matt Kincaid/Getty Images

Today’s arbitration day for Brian Dumoulin and the Penguins:

Marc-Andre Fleury got his day with the Stanley Cup on Saturday in Montreal (including a trip to the Ronald McDonald House), and enjoyed yet another “last” moment as a member of the Pens. [Pro Hockey Talk]

Then on Sunday Kris Letang got his day with the Cup and took it to a children’s hospital. []

Letang then held a charity pickup game as well, and oh hi there Pascal Dupuis!

Pittsburgh has made their offer for Dumoulin at $1.95 million. The player’s side wants $4.35. [Twitter - Friedman]

Accuracy-wise, that’s actually pretty close to our mock arbitration case from Friday. [Pensburgh]

So both sides with get their time to argue their case today, and then in about 48 hours we will know what Dumoulin’s salary will be. It’s important to note, however, that the team and player can end the process at any time (and agree to as many years for a contract as they want) up to the time the award is announced. So it’s not over, though since we’ve gotten this far, perhaps it will come to the award.

One of those groups who avoided were Viktor Arvidsson and the Predators, who came to terms on a 7 year $4.25 million per year to avoid and end the arbitration process. Some are down on the player locking in for that, but on the other hand it’s also a 5’8, 180 pound guy who’s best asset is his hustle/motor/will to go to dirty areas and not skill-sy things like vision, skating, playmaking, shot. If you’re that type of guy, guaranteeing yourself almost $30 million seems wise to me, since players like that can sometimes fade away in their late 20’s. [Puck Daddy]

Jordan Eberle’s wedding led to a reunion of all the young Oilers players (past and present). [Puck Daddy]