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Pens Points: Will Butcher the new summer muse, Geno gets the Cup

College hockey’s best player from last season gets to choose which NHL organization he wants to join on August 16th. Will it be the Penguins?

2017 NHL Stanley Cup Final - Game Six Photo by Frederick Breedon/Getty Images

Get ready for almost three weeks of Butchermania, as 2017 Hobey Baker award winning defenseman Will Butcher becomes a UFA on August 16th. He doesn’t want to sign with the team that drafted him, so are the Penguins a possibility? "If they happen to call," his agent said, "I’m sure we’d answer the phone", but who knows what his choice will be with no shortage of suitors that can all only offer the same amount of salary in this situation. [Post-Gazette]

Almost forgot that the Pens and Sabres are playing at Penn State on September 19th. Hopefully if you wanted to go, you didn’t forget, because non-student tickets are already sold out. [PG]

Evgeni Malkin got to have his day with the Cup. Looked fun, as always

Malkin also took pity on the annually “unlucky” Alex Ovechkin. Hmm, veteran goal-scoring winger who produces but takes heat for whole team that can’t succeed, unhappy fanbase itching for some sort of change....Where have we heard this before? [Puck Daddy]

Speaking of Toronto, it looks weird to see Patrick Marleau in a Maple Leafs jersey. [Fear the Fin]

Andrei Markov’s divorce from the Canadiens is complete, the veteran defenseman (who has been on the team since the year 2000!) will go back to the KHL for 2017-18, after Montreal seemed not to really want him back. []

Rangers fans are dreaming about the possibility of Duchene, but tough to see any of these offers resulting in a trade considering Sakic’s already reportedly turned down better. [Blueshirt Banter]