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Pens Points: Swedish BFF’s claim their Cup

Hagelin and Hornqvist are having their days with the Stanley Cup and other news and notes around the Pittsburgh Penguins and NHL.

2017 NHL Stanley Cup Final - Game Six Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Brett Pesce got that Olli Maatta money- six years, $4.025 million per year kicking in for 2018-19. [Canes Country]

Also someone who had a good day yesterday, Mikael Granlund - avoids arbitration and gets $5.75 million annually for three years from the Wild. [Hockey Wilderness]

Another signing came when former Hab traded to Buffalo, defenseman Nathan Bealieu signs for 2 years and $2.4 million per. [Die by the Blade]

Looking at Patrick Marleau’s fit on the Leafs. [Pension Plan Puppets]

Vancouver fans face the reality that the sooner the Sedins (one more year on their contracts leave), the better it probably will be for the team. [Nucks Misconduct]

Speaking of old players in the northwest, as of time of writing only 35% of respondents at the Flames blog would be on board with signing former captain/face-of-the-franchise Jarome Iginla to a contract for 2017-18. [Matchsticks and Gasoline]

Matt Duchene is “pretty relaxed” despite rumors. Also, don’t ask him why he’s counting down the days for the next t-minus 23 months...[]

When it comes to playing for the Islanders, John Tavares says, “I want that to continue”. Sounds like another Steven Stamkos situation unfolding. And when’s the last chance a really, really good player (#1 overall pick, top player in prime) actually willingly left a team via free agency? Just doesn’t seem to happen that much in hockey. Anyways, with Ryan Johansen ($8.0m) would have to be the floor now for Tavares, right? And Connor McDavid ($12.5m) is the new salary ceiling. I’d expect Tavares could seek/get Toews-Kopitar type $10.5 pretty easily.

Another reminder to be thankful that Crosby and Malkin are locked in for less :) []

The Swedish BFF’s have hijacked the Stanley Cup!