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Pens Points: Eclipse day, Crosby slighted by NHL list

He probably will never notice or even care, but Sidney Crosby again slighted by the NHL. Hey, not much else to talk about in the summer - Ryan Nugent-Hopkins on the trade block?

Ottawa Senators v Pittsburgh Penguins - Game Five Photo by Kirk Irwin/Getty Images

Not a whole lot going on, but let’s keep it moving.

Thinkin’ three-peat. “Crosby is a workaholic who I guess thinks only about hockey from dusk till dawn.He’s one of the most hardworking players ever” — Evgeni Malkin. []

Jason Mackey’s been all over the Will Butcher watch, including talking to the agent a few times. Now he has “sources” (hmm...) saying that the Pens have not had a face-to-face meeting with Butcher’s camp and are likely not among his finalists. Almost feels weird to not land the free agent and remember that there’s 30 different choices, but so it goes. [Post-Gazette]

The Stanley Cup is making it’s Northeast swing with Nick Bonino and Brian Dumoulin getting their days with the Cup this weekend. []

A most terrible alternate world where the Senators and not the Penguins acquired Gary Roberts for the 2007 playoffs. In the bigger butterfly effect and from our perspective, do the young Pens go on a run in 2008 quite the same SCF run without Roberts’ play and leadership? Luckily we won’t have to find out but interesting to think about. [Puck Daddy]

NHL Network sez Sidney Crosby is the #2 center in the league and Evgeni Malkin is #3. Ok. []

Ryan Reaves is excited for the opportunity to play for the Pens. Opening night is against the Blues, too. []

3C Watch? Headline: “Oilers gearing up to ‘sell well below market value’ on Ryan Nugent-Hopkins”. This is only half serious since the former #1 overall pick does have a $6.0 million cap hit and Pittsburgh lacks a ton of trade ammunition, but who knows. Wouldn’t be the first time the Oil sold low to the Pens on a good young player (Schultz, Justin for a late 3rd round pick). [Edmonton Journal]