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Pens Points: Bugsy makes a comeback attempt edition

It’s September! News and notes for the Pittsburgh Penguins

Tampa Bay Lightning v Pittsburgh Penguins Photo by Jamie Sabau/Getty Images

Wow, here’s a shock- 37 year old Ryan Malone (out of hockey since the end of the 2014-15 season) is going to Minnesota’s camp as a PTO. He’s believed to be looking for an AHL contract, which would leave him available for the Olympics. And a nugget in here that the Penguins were interested in signing him to that AHL contract, but geographically for his kids the midwest makes more sense. Best of luck, Bugsy! [Star Tribune]

Bombulie’s first prediction is in an he’s taking Phil Kessel to score less than 25 goals this season. I’d say more than 25, less than 30. [Trib]

Inflammatory headline alert!! “Report: Malkin wants Zaripov to sign with Penguins, play on his line”. [Sportsnet]

From what I have made of this through a couple different translations and people, in Russia Geno was asked a leading question, something like should the Pens sign 36-year old UFA Danis Zaripov. Malkin replies with a generic “why not, that would be great he’s a good player and a buddy of mine”. Then the more unscrupulous (or maybe innocent error) put a little more tone into the answer making it seem like Malkin was campaigning for Zaripov to be on the team and all.

In short, much ado about nothing. The Pens don’t have much a need for an aging winger who has no North American experience, so we can all move it along. As always, take translated “reports” with a hefty grain of salt.

A culture change is needed for the Avalanche.....Uhhh ya think? [Mile High Hockey]

“The Raw Deal” James Neal. Something tells me Vegas will be flipping him to a contender before March as well. Poor James is 15th in goals since 2008, but his endless quest to find a home continues. [NHL NBC Sports]

Three Bruins forwards are looking for bounce back years. [Stanley Cup of Hockey]

David Pastranak wants an 8 year deal, the Bruins have been slow over the years to pay their good young players. Could this be headed for disaster again for them? [NHL NBC Sports]

Speaking of disasters, the Flyers aren’t going to rush injury-plagued Nolan Patrick into the NHL. []

Mitch Marner is ready for higher expectations. Sure would be a shame if the darling Maple Leafs crumbled already, eh? [TSN]

Matt Cullen update: still a great dude. Why did he have to leaveeeee