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PensBurgh Podcast, Ep. 1: Brian Metzer

The officially official podcast of PensBurgh is here!

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I am excited to announce that PensBurgh is launching its own, official podcast for the 2018-19 season!

Hosted by myself (Garrett) and a rotating cast of our other writers here at PensBurgh, we will be giving you a weekly show revolving around all things Pittsburgh Penguins and the NHL.

Our first show is now available through SoundCloud and Spotify, and will soon be available through iTunes and Google Play. To find the show, all you have to do is search for “PensBurgh Podcast” in Spotify’s or SoundCloud’s search bar.

Don’t worry if you don’t have access to any of these outlets — the podcast is also available to listen to right here.

Every Monday, we’ll have a new episode out with a a new guest who will lend their insight and expertise to the conversation.

Our first guest for the inaugural episode is best known for his work on the Penguins Radio Network. He is the one and only, Brian Metzer.

Brian is also lending his talents to the Pittsburgh Current and has just published a Penguins season preview piece. His latest article can be found here.


We hope everyone will enjoy the podcast from here on out.

Thanks for taking a listen and Let’s Go Pens.


Intro/Outro music courtesy of Sylendanna.

Track title - Online Now! & I Think Its The Way I Walk