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Sidney Crosby was part of an effort to connect hockey with Kenya

The Penguins superstar is well documented for being a great guy, but this is something else.

We’ve all seen the multitudes of heartwarming videos and read all the stories about the special kind of person Sidney Crosby is, in addition to the type of player he is on the ice.

Today, we see an incredible story that brings those two worlds together. Together with Tim Hortons, Sidney Crosby and Nathan McKinnon (who have done tons of charity work with the company before) surprised some hockey players from Kenya.

The team had nobody to play against in Kenya, as they were the only men’s hockey club in the entire country (you should check out the women’s team), so Tim Hortons brought them to Canada to play and exhibition game against a Canadian group.

Following their arrival, and after being gifted with full uniforms and new equipment, something they weren't expecting at all happened: Sidney Crosby and Nathan MacKinnon walk through the doors of the locker room to join them. The looks of excitement and joy when they saw who it was is just remarkable.

These Kenyan players probably would have been happy just to have a team to compete against, and instead they ended up getting to play against not only another club, but with arguably the best and most popular player in the world alongside them — a guy you’ll see them idolizing in the beginning of the video.

How cool.

Tim Hortons also funded the start of youth hockey in Kenya to grow the game abroad, solidifying a permanent opponent for all Kenyan hockey players. Now, they’ll always have a full team to play against.