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PensBurgh Podcast, Ep. 3: Mike Rupp

Former NHLer-turned-broadcaster Mike Rupp comes on the podcast to discuss the current landscape of the NHL as well as his time as a Penguin!

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Edmonton Oilers v Pittsburgh Penguins Photo by Jamie Sabau/Getty Images

We’ve officially completed the original trilogy of the PensBurgh Podcast. Episode 3 is here, featuring a fantastic and insightful interview with NHL Network’s Mike Rupp.

Mike delved into how the game of hockey and the league as a whole is changing, he reminisced about his two-year stint in Pittsburgh, he made a very surprising pick for the 2019 Stanley Cup Champions, and he offerred his opinion on how the Penguins can handle the Justin Schultz injury situation.

Also joining the show for the first time ever is the Swiss Army Knife of PensBurgh, Kaitlyn Dividock, who shares her thoughts on the Penguins and how they've looked in their first six games.

You can watch Mike Rupp on NHL Network’s “NHL Tonight,” featuring look-ins of live games and analysis throughout the season. Follow Mike on Twitter via @Rupper17 and visit for your local channel listings.


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