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Pens Points: Muffling the Maple Leafs

There’s a recap of last night’s game, Brassard is providing versatility, and a certain Penguins prospect is leaving a physical mark on the ice. All that and more in today’s Pens Points!

Pittsburgh Penguins v Toronto Maple Leafs Photo by Claus Andersen/Getty Images

Here are your Pens Points for this Friday morning...

The Penguins kicked off a Canadian road trip with their first stop coming in Toronto with a clash against the red-hot Maple Leafs. By night’s end, Auston Matthews and John Tavares were nowhere to be found and the Penguins claimed a solid 3-0 victory. [Recap]

Part of the Penguins’ struggles early on have been because of their shoddy puck possession. [Pensburgh]

With the ability to play on the wing and at center, Derick Brassard is giving the Pens many different ways of deploying him. [Penguins]

Who do you think Mike Sullivan and Mike Babcock claimed the best player in the world was? [Trib Live]

The Penguins’ big, 6’7 prospect, Nikita Pavlychev, is developing into one helluva physical player. [Post-Gazette]

Daniel Sprong has been looking at one particular Leafs player for inspiration on developing his own game. [Trib Live]

Sidney Crosby welcomed back Kenyan hockey team captain Benard Azegere to watch the Penguins play their game against Toronto yesterday. [NHL]

News and notes from around the league...

The NHL swiftly and rather secretly helped end a dispute between USA Hockey and the U.S. women’s national hockey team. [ESPN]

The league’s concern for the number of goalie concussions is quickly rising. [TSN]