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Sidney Crosby’s Highlight Reel Goals

A sampling of some of our favorite of his different goals that dazzled over the years

NHL: Pittsburgh Penguins at Edmonton Oilers Perry Nelson-USA TODAY Sports

Last night in OT against the Edmonton Oilers, Sidney Crosby did what he does best — made everyone sit back and say “WOW” with yet another stunning highlight reel goal.

The goal gave the Penguins the 6-5 win after a goofy back and forth game with plenty of scoring.

What better way to enjoy celebrating such an awesome goal than to compare our staff’s favorite selections of Crosby’s similarly incredible goals throughout his career?

Jimmy: My favorite Sidney Crosby goal was the one he scored in March 2018 in overtime against the New Jersey Devils. Technically it’s the standard Crosby brilliance - he beats the goalie with a shot but is stopped by the post, the puck caroms back towards him and he uses hand-eye coordination to bat the flying puck into the net.

It stands out to me for his reaction, Crosby throws his head back in joy and laughter with what he’s actually pulled off, as if surprised by his own abilities. After all the incredible plays he’s made and goals Sid has scored, it takes a lot to impress him, but not even he could hide the thrill of this one- so that’s why this goal stands out to me.

Robbie: There are just so many to choose from it’s hard to settle one a single one. For my favorite, I went with his goal last season against the Montreal Canadiens where batted the puck to himself in front of goal before knocking it out of midair into the back of the net. I was at the game but the goal happened at the opposite end of the ice from where I was sitting. Everything happened so fast that most people in the arena couldn’t tell exactly what he did to score.

It wasn’t until they showed the slow-mo replay that you had the collective “Wow, he just did THAT!” moment from the crowd. He just made it look so effortless. It was a great example of just how well he sees the game and how fast he can process decisions on the ice. Being there to witness that in person was something I will never forget. Even watching it now, it still puts a smile on my face.

Mike: My favorite Sidney Crosby goal is a throwback to the spring of 2013. Everyone remembers his comeback game against the Islanders after returning from his long time out of the lineup concussion.

The signs in the stands welcoming Sid back, the POP of the crowd when that puck hits the back of the net. Sid’s reaction. It’s just great.

Kait: Because Sidney Crosby provided us about a million unbelievable goals batted out of the air last season, I decided to go with the one that stung the most and twisted the knife for a rival team. In Game 1 of the first round of the 2018 Playoffs, the Penguins were already torching the Flyers in Pittsburgh 4-0 on 18 shots midway through the second period. But after Bryan Rust lightly tipped the puck into the attacking zone, and Andrew MacDonald, who might’ve been the slowest man in the league at that moment, couldn’t catch up to it, Jake Guentzel cycled it from behind the net and up to a waiting Brian Dumoulin for a slap shot at the right point.

His shot was blocked up into the air, and Crosby tracked it until it was low enough within striking distance so he wouldn’t get nailed for a high stick, and flicked it backhanded over Brian Elliott’s left shoulder. I was there at PPG Paints for this game, and I remember my jaw shattering against the floor. Pittsburgh’s rout continued, and Crosby “hit for the cycle” with a hat trick.

Garrett: My favorite Sidney Crosby goal has to be the one he scored against the Lightning in overtime of Game 2 of the 2016 Eastern Conference Final.

There’s nothing uber flashy about the goal, really it’s just a quick one-time snipe past the blocker of Andrei Vasilevskiy, but I vividly remember being like 3 inches away from my television with my anxiety going through the roof knowing what was at stake.

That entire play was magnificent. Brian Dumoulin’s awareness to find Bryan Rust was crucial. Then Rust delivering the biscuit to Sid and Sid going down to one knee to end it all. You know when Crosby goes down to a knee bad things are about to happen.

All in all, a fantastic goal by the captain, putting the game and the team on his stick to even up and eventually win the series.

To recap, Sidney Crosby is the best player in the world until he decides he doesn’t want to be anymore.