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Juuso Riikola is a good human being

A story is making the rounds of the Penguins defenseman going above and beyond for a fan.

NHL: Philadelphia Flyers at Pittsburgh Penguins Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Being a good human being and making a good presence in the community is important, and Juuso Riikola certainly has done as much, according a story that is making the rounds.

It comes from a fan who was at an autograph signing and witnessed Riikola making a fans day, from Billy’s ManCave on Twitter.

I absolutely have to share this story about Juuso Riikola last night:

Last night, Steel City Collectibles had a public autograph signing with Juuso Riikola. There was easily over 100 people waiting in line to meet. Towards where the line started, there was a mother. She was standing towards the front. She didn’t go through the line yet and was just sort of standing there. After everyone else had gone through and meet Juuso, she goes up to Riikola and says that she has a young son who is autistic and wasn’t able to leave the car at that moment. She asked if there was any that Juuso could come out to see him in the car. Without ANY hesitation, Juuso got up, left the table, and went to the car outside in the cold with this mother to see her son. He spent a little time with him, signed an autograph, and took a picture with the boy. It was one of the single most genuinely kind and wonderful things I have EVER seen at any sporting event ever. Honestly, this needed to be shared. No hesitation on Riikola’s end.

This is fantastic. You just love to see this.