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PensBurgh Podcast, Ep. 9: Andi Perelman

The face of the team’s Twitter, Andi Perelman, joins the show for a fun discussion of all things Pittsburgh Penguins.

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Photo by Andi Perelman (@AndiPerelman)

The PensBurgh Podcast is back!

Episode 9 of the pod includes myself and fellow writer Robbie Naugle, as we discuss the 5-7 games the team has played since the last time we chatted. We’re talkin’ Matt Murray’s return, Evgeni Malkin’s slump, and everything else in between.

The show features a fantastic interview from the Penguins’ Director of New Media, and straight-up social media sage, Andi Perelman, as she joins the show to lend her expertise and insight on how social and digital media has transformed the way Pittsburgh conducts itself as a team in the 21st century.

We also took the bulk of your submitted listener questions and discussed some fun topics, such as whether or not the Penguins will be getting an adorable team pup like the St. Louis Blues have in Barclay.

Make sure to follow Andi on Twitter (@AndiPerelman) for a more personal side to the face behind Penguins Twitter!

Enjoy the show!


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