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The Christmas giving season is great — especially when involving the Penguins

Merry Christmas to all.

Being able to give gifts, especially those which are thoughtful for friends and family around the holidays is always a great time of year. Sometimes, we see extra special gifts being given, or gifts that really find a way to hit home for certain people. Sometimes extra special gifts involve the Penguins.

It’s great to see this kid taking the time to read the whole card before diving into the gift, too. I am sure his grandfather was sitting there in suspense waiting for him to realize what the gift inside the card was. That’s a moment that none of them will forget, and that’s for sure.

This child will certainly be looking forward to going to his first Penguins game, by the looks of his reaction. Here’s to hoping that he gets to see a win when he goes, but regardless, cheers to a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.