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Ryan Reaves rocks reddit request; reveals raucous, radiant responses

The Penguins tough guy went live on reddit to answer fans questions and he didn’t disappoint with a bevy of interesting and funny responses

NHL: Vegas Golden Knights at Pittsburgh Penguins Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

It’s Friday night but blog don’t sleep when Ryan Reaves is out on the internet giving some unfiltered answers to fan questions in an “ask me anything” on reddit at r/penguins.

The whole thing is obviously worth a read but here’s some favorite exchanges:

This is obviously the highlight of it all. Reaves has no shortage of tattoos but the idea of permanent ink featuring Phil Kessel is the stuff dreams are made of. As if we needed even more reason for the Penguins to win the Stanley Cup again this year, right?

I would probably say I could beat Ryan Reaves up too if I had John Scott in between us. I would also then leave the playing surface immediately, never to be seen in public again.

Fans love to ask about having to poop during action. Usually seems to be about the goalies or NASCAR drivers, but Reaves answer is too funny. Sometimes I think we forget these are real people, sometimes having good days, sometimes having bad days; but they aren’t just video game computer avatars that play to an exact level every single game, every single time.

Everyone loves Phil. They should make an HBO style documentary of Kessel, Reaves, Evgeni Malkin and Kris Letang playing cards on the team plane, by the way.


And...he’s not wrong.

This question stems from last year (or 2 years ago, who knows) where Nick Bonino admitted he buttons his dress shirts starting at the bottom and working his way up towards his neck as the last button to button. Just a preposterous answer by Bonino. Luckily Reaves is a normal human being.

That is just the best answer. On one side you’ve got an alpha male NHL player used to being aggro and getting his way and then you’ve got a tougher guy just literally laughing in their face. “What are you really going to do?” Good question indeed.

Check the rest out for a ton more great answers and insight into Reaves. For the lighter side of things and to remember that hockey is a game and supposed to be fun. The role of a guy like Ryan Reaves is drying up but hockey could definitely use more guys like him in the game.