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Sidney Crosby’s scoring consistently

Sidney Crosby cracks the 80 point mark for the 5th straight season

NHL: Montreal Canadiens at Pittsburgh Penguins Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Since Gary Bettman’s last lockout there have been 5 full NHL seasons (2013-14 to current). Guess how many 80+ point seasons Sidney Crosby has in this span? Our friends at hockey-reference got the goods

Crosby with a 5 for 5 and no one else in the whole league even halfway close. Sounds about right.

Health plays a key role in this (and has robbed Evgeni Malkin from having more), which is also a wonderful thing. Not too long ago folks were casting aspersions that Crosby would ever be a regular, full-time NHL player due to his concussion and neck issues. Though he missed a lot of his prime and suffered through a lengthy recovery process, it’s great that Crosby has been able to accomplish so much in recent years.


Speaking of health, it isn’t all great news in the Penguins organization

Connor Hall was picked in the 3rd round of the 2016 NHL Draft and only played 17 games last season with also I believe shoulder problems. Ironically he was the pick the Pens made that they received for trading Beau Bennett. 2 major shoulder injuries, unfortunately, has to put any future prospects for Hall as a pro player in big jeopardy. Hopefully he can shake it off and recovers well but this is a tough development for an organization that does not have many (if any) impressive looking prospects in the 18-24 year old range defensively.


If you’re home this early evening with not much on your plate, check out Providence/Notre Dame at 6 (though you’ll have to dig deep on ESPNU channel). Pens 2016 2nd round pick Kaspar Bjorkqvist scored Providence’s only goal yesterday in a 1-0 win. Penn State also plays at 7:00 (on the even worse ESPN3) if you’re inclined. College hockey is pretty fun and you can’t beat the energy and emotion of a single elimination game!