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Sidney Crosby is very ready for baseball season

Twice in the last week, the Penguins star has made plays that would look great on the baseball diamond

Pittsburgh Penguins v New Jersey Devils Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

We are all well aware by now of what Sidney Crosby is capable on the ice. Still however, at times, he does things to wow us and make us realize he really is that special. Perhaps, in another life, Sidney Crosby should’ve been a baseball player.

First, let’s flashback all the way to 2006:

Flash forward to 2009 against the Flyers in the Eastern Conference Quarterfinals:

In 2010, at PNC Park, Crosby took batting practice and had himself an afternoon:

Last week, Crosby’s play was more hockey than baseball, but his hand-eye coordination to move around Carey Price while keeping the puck in the air was incredible:

And now, last night. Shooting the puck off of the post, and then tracking it almost behind him before swinging his stick and knocking it into the net:

Let’s not kid ourselves here, Crosby could probably hit against the shift and pull the ball to opposite field whenever he wanted to if he was playing baseball.