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Amanda Kessel Drops Bombshell News About Her Brother

Amanda Kessel held a Q&A session on Twitter and delivered a bombshell about her brother and his “love” of hot dogs.

Ice Hockey - Winter Olympics Day 13 Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

When the Penguins traded for Phil Kessel in the summer of 2015 from the Maple Leafs, a Toronto media member dropped a scorching column calling out Kessel for his apparent love of hot dogs. The column went as far as to say Kessel even had a preferred hot dog stand near the arena in Toronto.

Immediately the column was trashed by fans across the NHL and has birthed many memes about Phil and his (supposed) love of hot dogs.

It even led to Kessel posting an absolute burn on the said columnist after he and the Penguins captured the Stanley Cup last year.

Via phil_kessel_81 on Instagram

On Wednesday, Amanda Kessel, member of the United States women’s ice hockey team who won gold at the 2018 Winter Olympics held a Q&A on Twitter and was asked about her brother’s love of the all American delicacy.

She dropped a bombshell of an answer:

(That sound you hear is millions of jokes and memes dying a painful death.)

This was certainly not news anyone ever expected and sometimes the facts are simply hard to swallow. I also sincerely believe the memes will live on despite this new revelation.

Later on in the Q&A, the Penguins official team Twitter account jumped in on the fun and asked Amanda if there was any hockey skill she could beat her brother in.

She opened by saying she could beat him in an Olympic shootout in South Korea which is fair and probably true. She has the gold medal to prove it. Amanda then followed it up by saying she could also defeat Phil in a hot dog eating contest.

It’s a bold statement and knowing that Phil is not the fan of hot dogs we initially thought he was, maybe she could out eat him.

There is only one real way to settle this: Amanda and Phil must participate in a one-on-one showdown to determine which can down the most hot dogs. I’m sure the Penguins could fill part of an intermission to host the event.

Whatever the case, I think everyone can agree they would tune in to see this showdown to determine who really owns the title of “Best Kessel.”