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2018 NHL Playoffs First Round Thread

Join other Pensburghers to comment on all the other First Round matchups, all in one place!

NHL: Stanley Cup Playoffs-Los Angeles Kings at Vegas Golden Knights Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

Spring is in the air, and that also means that the best Playoff in sports is underway with the battle for Lord Stanley's Cup. Each year 16 teams put their mind and bodies through the living hell that is the NHL Playoffs. This year should be another adventurous journey full of plenty of shockers and unbelievable games.

Of course we're all Pens fans first, but I'm willing to bet that there will be plenty of other topics worth mentioning. This will be Pensburgh's official first round thread to discuss what's been going on around the NHL without having to find the current story every night on Pensburgh. Feel free to discuss any and all things around the NHL!

Here are the remaining team's SB Nation's to get the best recaps and previews:

Eastern Conference



Blue Jackets




Maple Leafs

Western Conference





Golden Knights

Kings - eliminated 4-0 by VGK

Ducks - eliminated 4-0 by SJS