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Malkin and Hagelin missing from Tuesday’s practice, declared “day to day”

Checking into Pens practice

Pittsburgh Penguins v Philadelphia Flyers - Game Four Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

The Penguins had their first on-ice tuneup for Round 2 and two faces were missing, center Evgeni Malkin (leg injury during Game 5) and Carl Hagelin (upper body injury in Game 6) weren’t present.

Predictably, not much of update or details are out there.

Really, no need for either to be out skating today, anyways. Series won’t start for at least a bit so this is the prime time to rest and hopefully regain some health. Either way, all we’re going to get is some “day to day” and “game time decisions” no matter what is going to happen from here on out so read into whatever you want to see accordingly.

The schedule remains unknown, but we do know the Capitals arena is booked for an NBA game on Friday night. So Pens/Caps might start Thursday. Most likely the league/NBC will want this matchup on Saturday as well. Best case might be a Saturday start for the series, but that could be Game 2.

Will that one week off by then be enough for Malkin? Hagelin will have had a few days less. This time of year we probably won’t know until pre-game warmup if either/both can play. It might seem like a plus that neither has been ruled out already, but other than knowing that, there’s little known at this time.

“Hint of a limp” isn’t good, but walking and skating are different and a limp on Tuesday doesn’t necessarily mean much if a game is on Saturday. Also not too long ago the media was reporting Phil Kessel was staggering around with a limp and then he scored 2 goals in an important regular season game, so only time will tell.


Matt Murray is the Pens nominee for the the King Clancy Award. Below are all the nominees. Personally thinking and hoping that Deryk Engelland gets the nod here after the efforts following the 10/1 shooting in Vegas.