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No suspension for Tom Wilson for hit on Brian Dumoulin, dman back at Pens practice

NHL won’t sideline Tom Wilson for his hit on Brian Dumoulin but fortunately the Pens defenseman is back at practice.

Pittsburgh Penguins v Washington Capitals - Game One Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

As perhaps expected, the NHL will not discipline Tom Wilson for his headshot on Brian Dumoulin in Game 2.

Is that fair to zoom in? Maybe, maybe not but it gives the perspective to the “well he stopped short on me” excuse. Wilson clearly gives him contact on the drive-by. There’s no point in judging intent but the end result is contact with the head as the initial point of impact. The NHL will always disappoint with consistency and judgement and this is another piece of evidence for the ever-growing file that they’re not really taking the health and safety of their players all that seriously.

Luckily, Brian Dumoulin is taking part in Pens practice today, albeit in limited capacity.

In addition to some pleasant news on Dumoulin, the Pens got some progress in practice on Monday in the form of Carl Hagelin back to work, wearing a non-contact jersey and a full face-shield. Hagelin hasn’t been seen since he was bloodied by a high hit of his own by Claude Giroux last series.

It’s apparently open season and a tradition, with this being the 3rd questionable hit by the Capitals on the Pens in each of the past three playoffs. In 2016 Brooks Orpik was suspended for concussing Olli Maatta. In 2017 Matt Niskanen concussed Sidney Crosby, and now this year Wilson’s added his all to familiar name to the dirt pile.

Hopefully Pittsburgh can regroup and refocus Monday night for Game 3. Evgeni Malkin was also in practice with a regular jersey for the second time in a row and should be nearing a return. It won’t come a moment too soon!