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Vegas not showing as much love to the Penguins

Get some juicy odds!

NHL: Pittsburgh Penguins at Vegas Golden Knights Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

From our friends at Bovada, enjoy responsibly (and I guess just for entertainment purposes) the current 2018 Stanley Cup odds around the Penguins:

Odds to win the Stanley Cup

Nashville Predators 15/4

Boston Bruins 11/2

Tampa Bay Lightning 6/1

Vegas Golden Knights 15/2

Winnipeg Jets 8/1

Pittsburgh Penguins 10/1

Toronto Maple Leafs 11/1

Washington Capitals 11/1

Anaheim Ducks 20/1

Los Angeles Kings 22/1

San Jose Sharks 25/1

Columbus Blue Jackets 28/1

Philadelphia Flyers 25/1

Minnesota Wild 30/1

Colorado Avalanche 33/1

New Jersey Devils 33/1

If you are a bettor or want to roll the dice (where legal, of course) - the time is right NOW to put money on Pittsburgh. The Pens were 7/1 as of March 1st, so doing it now gives you more bang for the buck. As the playoffs go on, if they’re able to win a series or two the odds will do way down and not give much a return.

A search of records show the Pens were 8/1 this time last year before the 2017 playoffs started. At that time they were tied for 3rd best odds, with Chicago and Washington being more favored by Vegas. This year, 5 teams to start are more favored. It doesn’t really mean that much and the local oddsmakers are likely over-compensating a bit for the hometown Golden Knights who have cost them a lot of money all season long, but it is interesting.

Some more various odds for your viewing pleasure:

Odds to win the Eastern Conference

Boston Bruins 5/2

Tampa Bay Lightning 3/1

Pittsburgh Penguins 9/2

Toronto Maple Leafs 6/1

Washington Capitals 13/2

Columbus Blue Jackets 12/1

Philadelphia Flyers 16/1

New Jersey Devils 18/1

Vegas is really going to like the winner of the Boston/Toronto series to carry heavy odds for the survivor here.

Exact Stanley Cup Matchup Odds

Pittsburgh vs. Nashville 13/1

Pittsburgh vs. Winnipeg 25/1

Pittsburgh vs. Vegas 27/1

Pittsburgh vs. Minnesota 80/1

Pittsburgh vs. Anaheim 55/1

Pittsburgh vs. San Jose 70/1

Pittsburgh vs. Los Angeles 70/1

Pittsburgh vs. Colorado 92/1

13 to 1 for a repeat of last year’s Stanley Cup Final, now that’s a juicy bet! And, I don’t know why but as a grasper type bet for a few bucks, I kind of like the action of a California team making a run and coming out of relatively no where to make it for a pretty handsome payout.